Success Through Self-Motivation

In line with the National Theme for 2012, we do hope that our  “working hard at working smart” series will motivate us further in transcending our current circumstances through resourcefulness, energetic and strong work ethic… whereby developing a more focused survival instinct and qualities that are strong social/business assets… in turning still more Possibilities into Realities, for the benefit of our Seychelles.

The Power of Love

Valentine's Day - That special day to express true love for God, for ourselves, for others and for our country is on the horizon.
As such we have found it to be both appropriate and timely to focus our attention on the "Power of Love"...as part of our "working hard and working smart series for the benefit of all.

Please accept our very best wishes, for a Valentine's Day full of love and happiness.

The Healing Power of Music

Tribute to Whitney Houston: The Healing Power of Music

As part of our “Working Hard at Working Smart” series, through “The Healing Power of Music”, today we pay tribute to Whitney Houston, an Icon whose gifted voice and talent has been and will continue to be instrumental in shaping our lives, and the lives of many generations still to come.

Indeed since music has the Power to reach into our very core and extract from us the deepest feeling, the furthest and the most profound thoughts from our minds and hearts, no effort should be spared in making full use of such a limitless positive force in everything we do for the benefit of Our Seychelles and “The Greatest Love of All”…our children.

Have a productive and fruitful weekend with music.

Quest for Love of Self

The Promise

In our continuous quest for happiness for our children and ourselves, today we pay particular attention to the important trait of Self-Esteem…essential for the further enhancement of our confidence and optimism in reaching our goals and self-actualization.

In so doing we will be better able to treat other people with still more respect, benevolence and goodwill, thus favouring better interpersonal relationship and avoiding destructives ones.

Thus let us now recognize that love of others and love of ourselves are simply, not alternatives, whereby there is always the need for some good evaluation of self, for the benefit of our beloved Seychelles.

Balancing Work and Life

Balancing Work and Life

Our world is changing so fast, that we wake up every day feeling more ignorant than the day before.

Our resolution therefore must be for us to swiftly adapt and to make the unnecessary and timely changes, imperative and necessary for our self-worth and essence in further enhancing our love of self, for the benefit of all.

Indeed the key to our sustainable success as individuals is to continue to strive for Differentiation and through Self Motivation, we will surely be better able to embrace change, work much harder, enhance our uniqueness to help inspire change for The Future We Want.

We take this opportunity to wish all Christians a Holy Week full of Self-Evaluation of our values for the benefit of Change for all.

Have a Happy Easter Sunday.

The Power of Your Uniqueness

On the outset, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your feedback and contribution pertaining to our last issue on the Importance of "Balancing Work and Life" for success and happiness. The pleasure is our always.

In line with our ongoing "Working Hard At Working Smart" series, we are now of the view that it is both timely and appropriate for you to recognize "The Power of your Uniqueness" whereby making full use of you "Authentic Self" in contributing fully towards The Future we want.

In so doing, you will surely be better able to honour the diversity of others, embrace and express all aspects of your Unique-Self, whereby turning still more Possibilities into Realities.

With our very best wishes always.

Labour Day 2012

For those of us Christians, practitioners and believers, this upcoming weekend we will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee of St Anthony Parish Church, Anse Etoile on Sunday 29th April 2012.

To mark this most auspicious occasion, many activities have been organised, the highlight of which will be a non-stop 50-hour Holy Sacrament Adoration starting with a mass on Thursday 26th from 12noon and ending Saturday 28th April at 3p.m.  On Sunday 29th April, a grand Thanks Giving Mass will be held at 11.00 a.m. and you are all welcome to join in, in making it a memorable day.

Two days later, Tuesday 1st, MAY DAY, our Big Day will be here again… another important occasion for Reflection, Regrets, Future Planning and subsequent well deserved Enjoyment.

In line with such important activities all having immense Social, Moral and Spiritual Values, our focus today is the urgent necessity of having an “A List For Life” essential in our endless quest for Sustainability, both individually and collectively.

We now wish to thank all those who are contributing in one form or another in ensuring the success of both events, for the benefit of the Community and our beloved Seychelles. Let's all join in the fun.

And we now wish us all an enjoyable weekend and a Happy Labour Day for all the hard working people throughout Our World.


Hope your May Day celebrations were full of love and happiness for your many accomplishments and now the time is ripe for us to set the tone for the future for our children.

And in order for us to register still more success in the years ahead for the benefit of all, today we focus our attention on the important issues of Self-Reliance… whereby enhancing further our independence…and the value of Our Integrity and Dignity as unique Human Beings on Planet Earth.

Adapting and Embracing Change

Success Breeds Success

As a follow-up to the issuance of our 80th episode of TESS bimonthly newsletter (on the important value of ‘Self Reliance’) conceived over the last four years or so, a small feat which we are most proud of as a young organisation, we now have seen the urgent need for us as individuals to “Adapt and Embrace Change”, for more satisfaction with the work that we do each and every day.

In the process more ideas will come to life, more possibilities will become realities, careers will take flight and our Seychelles will surely prosper.

We also take this opportunity to pay particular tribute to the late Donna Summer and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees for their valuable music which has helped shaped some of our lives, careers and milestones…

In remembrance and with due respect to Donna and Robin, (as a community) let us endeavour to celebrate that  Takamaka Bay sponsored Saturday 26th musical event, on the Anse Royale Beach and Leisure Park, in a manner conducive to good thinking, for the love of Music, for the benefit of all.

And for the Park itself…a fruitful initiative for the community by the Seychelles Government, The Ecotourism Society of Seychelles [TESS] and the European Union [EU].

The Value of Empowerment

Coaching Them to Success

The Big Five

The month of June is made up of five important events calling for much focus and reflection on Our Seychelles, Ourselves and Our Future.

The 1st June, The International Children’s Day; the 5th June, Liberation Day; the 7th June, Corpus Christi; the 18th June, National Day and last but certainly not least, the 29th June, Independence Day, are a complete package of Auspicious Occasions to deeply analyze, package, commit and implement concrete actions for The Future we want.

And today we have the honour to focus our attention on the important value of Empowerment, seen through the eyes of our employees, not us the employers, for the betterment of our work relationships in leading the team to durable success.

Please accept our very best wishes for a happy feast of Corpus Christi.

Let us always praise the Almighty for all his blessing each and every day.

The Promise.

National Day 2012 - Devotion

Building A Global Movement For Change

National Day 2012

As it is customary for the past four years; i.e. since TESS was conceived, our main message today is on the upcoming 19th Anniversary of our Third Republic - Our National Day.

We have taken this opportunity to place particular emphasis on the equally upcoming important Rio+20 Summit, where contributing towards the “Building Of A Global Movement For Change” [as called for by the UN Secretary General]…

With much focus on the Future we want for Our Children, Ourselves, Our Seychelles and Our World.

We wish US all a Happy National Day.

And we thank the Al-Mighty for his blessing.

Independence Day 2012 – The Road Travelled

To commemorate the 36th Anniversary of our Independence Day, we have provided us with some Thought Provoking Insights, on the Road we have travelled and on the necessity to take appropriate action wherever necessary for the betterment of Our Seychelles, Ourselves, and Our World.

We wish us all a Happy Independence Day.

May the Al-Mighty bless us all always.

The Value of True Friendship

It is priceless, it is a treasure, it is a gift

After three months of well deserved R&R through the effective use of Horticulture Therapy, TESS Secretariat is now back in full gear.

And to “kick start” our Series for the remainder of 2012, we now have the pleasure and honour to focus our attention on “the Value of True Friendship”, whereby making amends wherever necessary, most essential for the way forward, for the betterment of our daily lives, both individually and collectively.

May our upcoming weekend be full of joy, happiness and peace of mind.

The Promise.

The Quest for Excellence - Role Models

The Prevailing Attitude of Excellence

To honour episode (XVII) of our “working hard at working smart series” for 2012, we now have the pleasure in focusing our attention on the most important social, moral and spiritual value of the Human Race.

The recognition of the Value of Excellence in the discharge of our daily lives is indeed most essential in our endless quest to fulfil our dreams (what ever they may be) for the benefit of the Future We Want.

It is therefore with much confidence and conviction that our modest contributions will continue to be of assistance to us, in further enticing others to follow suite – without which the attainment of ultimate Excellence will continue to be nothing else but elusive for all.

The Promise.

The Value of Honesty and Simplicity

On the outset, out thoughts and prayers are now for the Government and People of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the Republic of Cuba, the Commonwealth of Jamaica, of the Bahamas, the United States of America (USA), the Commonwealth of Canada and all others directly or indirectly affected during this most unprecedented, tragic and difficult period of a natural disaster… Hurricane, Sandy.

Simplicity cannot live without honesty

Tomorrow Christians of Our World will be celebrating ‘All Saints Day’. It is surely an opportune moment for us all to reflect deeply on our prevailing level of our social, moral and spiritual values, both individually and collectively, in making amends in the discharge of our daily lives for a better future for all.

And to assist us all in this direction, our focus today is on the important value of “Honesty and Simplicity” whereby enhancing further our current level of friendships, trust, confidence and wellness, most essential for the attainment of ultimate greatness.

On this most auspicious occasion, let us above all praise the Al-Mighty for all his blessings, his forgiveness and his unconditional guidance…

Self Improvement - The Power of Gratitude

Tomorrow we will pause to remember the sacrifices made by our elders in diligently serving our Seychelles and our people and to thank them from the heart for their priceless contributions.

In order to assist us in this direction our focus today is on the Power of Gratitude, imperative and necessary for the betterment of our daily lives and the lives of our children.

We wish us all nothing else but a happy weekend filled with Gratitude.

The Quest for Killer Success

Loving What You’re Doing…?

Our ‘2012’ ‘Working Hard at Working Smart’ series is now coming to an end and 2013 calls for the further strengthening of our performance in turning still more Possibilities in Realities for the Benefit of ALL.

In line with our ongoing ‘gratitude focus’ we now have the pleasure to honour and pay tribute to  Sir James Richard Marie Mancham (KBE), PhD, 1st President of the Republic of Seychelles, Ambassador for Peace, Author Seychelles Global Citizen, for his priceless contributions  towards the betterment of our Seychelles and our World. Without doubt getting there was not an easy process whereby much discipline, commitment and determination were essential ingredients for the achievement of Killer Success.

Today Our Seychelles and Our World are grateful for your insights, knowledge and kindness which have and continue to be instrumental in paving the way forward for that Common Future we want for ALL.

Please accept, Sir James, the assurance of our highest consideration and esteem.

May the Force Beyond be with you always.

The Pinnacle of Excellence: Wisdom

Tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

“Year’s end in neither and end nor a beginning, but a going on with all the Wisdom that Education can instill in us”. As such it is now proper for us ALL to reflect deeply on 2012, so as to now build wisely on our achievements, in our endless quest for the betterment of that Common Future we want for all, in 2012 and beyond.

To sum up our most effective “Working Hard at Working Smart series” for 2012, and to pave the way forward, our focus today is on the Value of Wisdom: The Pinnacle of Excellence:

To showcase it high importance, we now have the honour and privilege to pay special tribute to His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (nickname Madiba) for his life long struggle against apartheid in South Africa from 1948 until his election as the 1st Black President of the Republic in 1994, and for his priceless contributions towards the betterment of our Continent and our World, as a whole.

Madiba, we are most grateful for your decades’ long sacrifices and rest assured that your exceptional wisdom, guidance and spirit will forever be a major component of our foundation in building that Global Movement for Change as called for by Mr. Ban Ki-moon: the United Nations Secretary General [UNSG].

Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem.

We now wish us all a Merry Christmas and a 2013 filled with much more conviction, devotion, hard work, love, progress, happiness and prosperity for all.