• Speaking engagements
  • Speech writing for all occasions
  • Drafting of letters, and other documents
  • Ad-hoc advice for ecotourism development proposals
  • Formulation and development of project proposals and feasibility studies.
  • Flower arrangements for all occasions  
  • Ecotourism venture development and up scaling.
  • Training on etiquette, protocol and public relations.
  • Expert advice on gardening and landscaping.
  • Expert advice on enhancing the interface between your business and the environment.
  • Sale of rare and exotic flowering plants
  • Basic Feng Shui practices
  • Local, Regional and International networking  
  • Enhancement of the role of Civil Society as a tool for nation building.
  • Strategic ecotourism planning.
  • Tourism concept development.
  • Activities planning and development
  • Expert advice on tourism and environmental diplomacy and economy.
  • Access to database and resources, literature, knowledge and know-how pertaining to best practices in tourism and environmental economy.
  • Counselling, moral support and orientation.
  • Business support, management and mentorship to community based tourism projects.
  • Provision of wide range of effective planning, monitoring and implementation support services in liaison with the private, public and civil society sectors.
  • Assist established tourism operators with tools, projects and plans in enabling responsible tourism goals to flourish.
  • Provision of social responsibility projects conceptualizing, planning, implementing and monitoring.
  • Photographic services.
  • Public relations and media.
  • Administrative support upon request.
  • Promotion of best practices that is organic.
  • Other specific services upon request
  • Web design services

Our philosophy is closely linked to providing services that are action oriented – we do not produce unreadable technical documents. Our advice, knowledge and know-how are always relevant and practical for projects and ventures that we undertake.

We take a highly consultative approach, recognising the important need for input and involvement of stakeholders at all levels. You are hereby encouraged to consider TESS to not only avail yourself of the above mentioned and other services, but also to do your planning and manage the roll out process.
All proceeds garnered by such modest ventures will be allocated to TESS for the further development of the Society, and for the development of ecotourism projects aimed at bringing direct benefits to the community, in particular the less fortunate, and most vulnerable…